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Sculptcrete is a scientifically formulated, enhanced fibre-cement blend. It contains no hazardous materials and is suitable for interior or exterior use. It has superior workability and provides a smooth, weather resistant finish that can be carved when biscuit hard, and allows fir very fine, detailed carving. It is also suitable for building up three dimensional details.

carved wall
carved pillar
carved wall & shelf
carved headboard
carved elephants
carved rhino

A smooth, waterproof cement-based coating applied by paintbrush, for application onto off-shutter concrete, cement plaster, fairface brickwork, cobbling, etc. It is a finely ground mixture of white Portland cement, pigments and chemicals. It is supplied in powder form requiring mixing with water on-site to produce a smooth, flowing coating which sets rock-hard and is unaffected by water and UV light.

Cemcote off-shutter concrete effect
Cemcote wall & bath
Cemcote walls
Cemcote wall & niche
Cemcote bookcase
Cemcote vanity & bath

Cemwash is a waterproof, coloured, cement-based product that creates textured, living wall finishes. Applied by block-brush, it can be finished in a number of ways and matures over time to create a beautiful mottled finish. having a base of Portland cement, it sets rock-hard, is UV resistant, economical and extremely durable.

Cemwash exterior 1
Cemwash exterior 2
Cemwash exterior wall
Cemwash interior walls

Colour Hardener is a granolithic concrete material that strengthens and colours concrete floors. It is a special blend of cement, very hard-wearing aggregates, lime fast pigments and certain additives which set rock-hard, have exceptional abrasion resistance and reduces drying shrinkage. It can also be imprinted in conjunction with Coloured Release Agent.

Colour Hardener floor colours 1
Colour Hardener floor colours 2
Colour Hardener exterior floor tile pattern
Colour Hardener interior floor tile pattern
Colour Hardener bathroom vanity
Colour Hardener kitchen counter

Patterned, imprinted concrete is a decorative concrete technique that requires minimal maintenance and will last a lifetime. It is applied with the aid of a patterned mould or mat that is stamped into the wet concrete surface. This technique creates an attractive surface that is oil and stain resistant, doesn't fade and doesn't sink or spread.

imprinted slate floor
imprinted rock floor
light stone printed floor
rock imprint boma floor
sleeper print walkway
timber print

Cretestain is an acid-based mixture containing special chemicals which combine with the cement or concrete to permanently colour the surface.

giraffe cretestain floor
tricolour cretestain floor
tile pattern cretestain floor
patterned cretestain floor

Decocrete is a coloured, cement-based material specifically formulated to be plastered to excessive thickness but does not slide or shrink and dries rock-hard. Slow setting gives plenty of time to work and manipulate the material in-situ.

Decocrete pebble inlayed wall
Decocrete printed sofa bed
Decocrete mosaic inlay 1
Decocrete mosaic inlay 2
Decocrete artistic
Decocrete pebble inlay
rock water feature 1
rock water feature 2
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